100% clean fork = simple and fair


Clone Counterparty and run it on the Bitcoin Cash chain. Simple, easy, fair.

All burns and transactions from Counterparty’s history until the segway vs cash split on Aug 1st remain validon Counterparty Cash. Everyone will keep their XCP and token balances as of that date.

This is what happened to Bitcoin and the best way forward for Counterparty too.

For XCP holders this is the fairest option. Token projects will find solutions as to which chain is their preferred one and how to do deal with the past half year.


The fork needs to occur from the point XCPC launches (some point in the future), including all XCP transactions up until that, not from the BCH fork on Aug 1. It needs to be as fair as possible.


If you fork from Aug 1, the transactions on XCP from Aug 1 until the fork will be invalidated. How is that fair at all?


I am all for the fork. That will make XCP even more appealing to the masses. I 100% agree that it is simple and fair.


If you were a token crearter on Counterparty before August 1st, you have some skin in the game, measured by the amount of work you put into that token and its useability.

The fact that the developers of Counterparty blindly followed the Blockstream/Core plan, shows they did not have the foresight to understand the real value, as a peer to peer currency, being stripped from the Legacy Bitcoin, regardless of the increase in speculative value, promoted as a Store of Value.

August 1st was the day that those with an understanding of Bitcoin as a global currency, spoke with their actions. The success of Bitcoin Cash proves August 1st, 2017 is the date that the chain shifted. Counterparty.cash was created on that day as well.


What do you mean “fair”? Life isn’t fair. What did you do with Counterparty after August 1st that makes your actions of value?


You don’t have a clue what CPC is for, do you?


I am pretty sure you mean XCPC and as with XCP it makes it possible to create tokens (assets and sub-assets). If you are a speculator, they may have a different use for you.