Air drop 1 to 1 for BCH holders


As an alternative to Burning BCH, why not airdrop it 1 to 1 for BCH holders. How I see it, If you burn it you will concentrate the token on few holders. The 1 to 1 airdrop allows for a vast and even distribution and will generate interest from the whole community.

I understand XCP holders not happy with burning, but we need to keep in mind that by burning XCP we transfer value to the main Bitcoin cash competitor, that is Bitcoin Core. We compete with $BTC for hashrate, and losing hashrate to $BTC puts $BCH at risk.

Besides $XCP Holders, are also Bitcoin Holders that received $BCH.

Just my 2 cents.


The approach of airdropping to an unknown amount of BCH holders devalues XCPC. A lot of people who do not care about XCPC would be able to dump theirs and those who do, will be at the mercy of a valueless currency.

Your burning point is confused. You burn BCH for XCPC, if a burning approach is taken. This means that all other BCH holders hold a slightly more scarce currency, and it is a donation to them.

For the record note that I am not an XCP or XCPC user now, or any planned time in the future. I think that on-chain tokens are a much better idea, where the intermediate layer of the common XCP (or XCPC) token is unnecessary.