Burn Vs Fork shouldnt be a question WTF?


Hello, I hold XCP for a long time, and I dont want to be left with a useless xcp token (xcpc would be better technology) and no xcpc, we investors and believers are being betrayed if we get nothing at this point, xcp community had it rough for a while because of the fees, and now if you burn on top of that we have to sell our xcp because there is now a better xcpc version?? I thought i was investing in xcp to be part of the development but if its a bch burn i guess i wasn’t really because i get no stake in the new platform, you have to think about the community, because we are the most important factors in this project, I dont think abandoning all xcp holders is the way to go and I will feel highly betrayed if I’m left behind


The dev has spoken,

'deweller 1h

I understand the argument you are making. It is a valid opinion. I just disagree with it.

I do not agree that XCP holders, no matter how loyal, are entitled to receive XCPC. The XCP chain will continue to function separate from the http://Counterparty.cash chain. XCPC will not detract from XCP. In fact, I think it may even raise awareness of XCP.

The better long term approach here is to launch XCPC from scratch with a new burn and a clean chain free from the legacy XCP chain.’


Only one of the two main devs has weighed in.

Also, the same dev who did weigh, dewller, just posted yesterday and said “January 2018, XCPC is a community consultation period.”

January has just started. Don’t try to shut down this community conversation prematurely. Let people weigh in.

XCP was not built in a day, or by a single person. Let people who contributed over a long period of time, in various forms - monetarily, promotionally, as smaller devs, with other forms of support, etc - all have a say so they can be decided in a way that is consistent with the decentralized nature of the blockchain community.

The whole point here is that these companies are not entities run by a single CEO who has all the power. That’s what we’re spending so much time and effort to move away from.


I sure hope the community will decide, I’m sure most wont wan’t to get some BCH and burn it to be part of XCPC.

And then what if one of the two entities wanted to switch to a new blockchain again, then we would have to buy LTC and burn it?