Can miners understand a Counterparty transaction?


I assume they can see whether it’s a Countarparty transaction. However, can they tell whether the transaction contains a certain token?

If they can or there is a way that they can, wouldn’t that work well for free transactions? There’s a comment by Satoshi in which he states that they should always allow some free transactions. What those should be have yet to be defined. But in terms of voting, wouldn’t it be ideal? If transactions containing a certain token can be free, and that token represents a voting ballot, wouldn’t that give the opportunity to create a new kind of voting system? One that utilizes tokens and the blockchain to ensure voters that their vote was counted correctly.

Unlike the recent Sierra Leone “blockchain” vote, actually using the blockchain for the whole voting process is possible, isn’t it? The hard part is putting such a process in place as there are all sorts of other challenges to tackle, like making sure voters stay completely anonymous is only one. But technically though, we could do it using today’s tech, right?

I imagine we would replace ballots and booths with paperwallets and ATMs. On voting day you could receive a paperwallet at the polling place or bring one from home. There you would scan your public key at a machine that sends your token (voting ballot) to your address. Now you can choose to send your token to whomever you want to vote for by scanning your private key. Alternatively, the process could allow for people to send it later from the device of their choice, which would add a layer of anonymity. Such a process also opens up for things like liquid democracy and direct democracy. Even for people to sell their vote. Voting ballots on the DEx…oh dear. Maybe the best way to fight corruption is to legalize it.

Anyway, it seems like that if miners can accept certain transactions for free based on the Counterparty info that’s within them, that would be a great feature for both Bitcoin and Counterparty.


Counterparty transactions have rudimentary encryption, to obfuscate them somewhat. It’s not rocket science for miners to identify if they are there, and what token they deal with. They don’t need special treatment by miners, and should compete for freeloading inclusion in blocks with other token systems and any other transaction anyone might care to put in.

From a miner’s perspective, if they do subsidise free tx, it’s best for the bch coin age to be a factor.


Okay, great! I get from what you’re saying is that this wouldn’t be technically hard to accomplish. It’s basically down to the miners if they would want to do it. But what’s the deal with factoring the coin age?