(XCPC) offered 80 byte blockspace in BCH OP_RETURN


San Francisco, CA
Saturday, 27 January, 2018

OP_RETURN data store expected to return increase in Bitcoin Cash.

At the upcoming Vision of Satoshi conference in Tokyo in March, the expected announcement of a return to 80 byte OP_RETURN in Bitcoin Cash will be shown.

The project lead, Blockfreight, Inc. (a Delaware company) is please to have received communication from the Bitcoin Cash development community that discussion has moved to return to Satoshi level pre-Blockstream involvement point of 80 byte OP_RETURNS in the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain.

A number of excellent topics in scaling and merchant adoption will be shown at the upcoming conference.

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Julian Smith
Founder, President & CEO
Blockfreight, Inc.

ABOUT BLOCKFREIGHT: Blockfreight, Inc. (a Delaware company) is an early-stage venture backed software startup building Blockfreight™ the blockchain of global freight. A shipping and logistics blockchain supporting 360,000,000 containers on network by 2020. An Open (MIT) Licensed, Borderless, Permission-less, Network for the Free-Trade of Physical Goods. Blockfreight™ is the most innovative and open platform for logistics in the world. Blockfreight, Inc. is a core team of 20+ partners, associates, developers, engineers and professional representatives at offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Blockfreight, Inc. is a founding member and Chair of the Blockfreight Association in Zug, Switzerland.


President, Founder & CEO

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I think OP_RETURN has already been put back to 80 bytes.