Devs only want to use Counterparty name for brand recognition


Here is why the developers are full of shit when saying they are using the name Counterparty only because it is the name of the protocol for xcp cash.

If counterparty is the name of the protocol then why don’t you just rename your project something else like DeWeller’s cash and on the project’s site specify it is using the counterparty protocol.

A lot of software companies do this when developing new projects on top of other software. You and i know this. The ONLY reason you are not because you want brand recognition. At least be honest about that.

Guess who helped build that brand for the last few years? We did. The owners of Counterparty. Who either by word of mouth, through social media and through our hard earned cash made the project worth what it is today. And because of that it has brand recognition in the community.

You want to take all that and say you don’t owe us anything? Excuse me if I balk at that.

If you believe so much in your project and want to go against everyone’s wishes then don’t use the counterparty name. But you can most certainly specify in your site that your new project is using the counterparty name.

That would be fair if you want to go ahead and do a burn.


And you are the guy who has threatened legal action?


If those XCP holders who are anti BCH chain wants to stay on BTC then there is nothing to complain about a new burn. Start fresh and weed out all the problems that kept XCP from moving forward. XCP had the headstart but ECR20 went to the moon. Bear this in mind. You don’t want the same people that poison XCP to come over and do the same in XCPC. Don’t know of any other way to make a clean break.


Not to mention the huge number of the new speculators who want free money because of ICO fever. XCP has more than tripled since this project was announced in anticipation of an airdrop. This the whole reason XCP did a burn in the first place. Not even the devs got special treatment. It’s the most fair way possible especially in light of BTC/BCH drama. XCP burners got their XCP. Some may want to follow XCP on BTC and keep it. If you want to support XCP on BCH, burn in support of this effort. Why reward those who wont at the expense of those who will? In the original spirit of XCP no special treatment for anyone is best. Burn.


Air drop is more work and also pandering to people who want their cake and eat it too.


burning additional BCH and not airdropping on people who hold XCP tokens for which BCH was already burned:

  1. will dilute the scarcity of tokens in general and create precedence for any future forks to create new tokens
  2. create division in the community and possibly two cash forks
  3. CXCP doesn’t use the benefit of the network effect behind XCP
  4. CXCP has trouble using the name and branding - and completely confusing people in case of 2)

why don’t you guys buy XCP now, airdrop and profit even more and risk-free?
i still give it a good chance that you just want to buy cheap XCP coins creating this FUD and then finally resolving it in the right way to help everybody aboard.


“Counterparty” describes a protocol and the project seeks to ensure there is recognition to the work and the origin of the codebase we are building atop of and from. Moreover the suffix cash describes the Bitcoin (Cash) chain which the application code is to operate on.

There is a ‘contents matches the label on the tin’ reasoning here… nothing more complicated than a focus on clarity.