Dogeparty burned and failed


The 2014 fork of Counterparty on Dogecoin failed. They used proof-of-burn. Burn DOGE to get XDP.

The burn party went okay but they simply never got the critical user adoption, and slowly died over the next year.

The XCP community mostly ignored this fork and few saw any interest in contributing since they held zero XDP.

Please Counterparty Cash, don’t leave the XCP community behind … especially since many of us feel that XCP belongs on Bitcoin (Cash) in the first place.


It looks like the XCP community collapsed under the weight of fees?

The subreddits seem dead.

If you bought 1,500 or 1,000 XCP with 1 BTC, you should sell now at a massive profit and then buy into this meta token.

Either make a community on this metatoken or wait for LN, or wait for LTC, or do a seperate counterparty fork on BCH wherein you purposely enrich XCP. This would be the proper platform for pepes on BCH.

IDK why people look to speculate on a metatoken anyhow. Sell it.


We should research more why exactly Dogeparty failed! I’m pretty sure that not giving free money to XCP hodlers isn’t high on the list lol. From what I understand they had a problem where a bunch of moeny was raised to fund infrastructure, but then didn’t end up going to fund that infrastructure, leaving the system currently stranded. But hopefully we can get someone who was there to tell us more about what happened. :slight_smile:


Dogeparty died because the developers who initially created the system stopped maintaining the product. They did a straight burn just like XCP, the only difference is that the developers here were only focused on getting the system up and running for their own projects, and had no interest in maintaining the platform for the users (IMO the most important part of the system is keeping a block explorer and wallets operating).

You can see how the dogeparty drama played out at


It’s sad that decentralised development isn’t done as a rule by people in a system like this, there should be mechanisms where any party can run the software and maintain the network, and as long as common consensus is maintained, it continues working.

We see Bitcoin Core celebrate centralisation, and punish those who seek some freedom. We see Monero and Litecoin celebrate Bitcoin Core’s iron fisted tyranny, and celebrate centralised development and concrete it in place, while claiming decentralisation.