FORK XCP, any detail?


Guys this fork of XCP what is it exactly?? and when this happen, the date of the fork??

  • XCPC will launch March 1st, 2018.
  • It is proposed there will be a “burning”
  • In January 2014, over 2,100 bitcoins were burned, creating about 2.6 million XCP.
  • January 2018, XCPC is a community consultation period.
  • Launch details will be published here before Feb 4th, 2018.



Hold your horses, Mr. Dweller. Not sure what is driving your agenda, (you can tell us here) but the BURN idea is not supported by many people in this forum. Perhaps you can link us to your data that indicates support for your notion that: It is proposed there will be a “burning”

Are you really in charge of this project?


I’m quoting from the website at


Then let’s have the website changed to reflect the thoughts of the community.

Unfortunately, the way it looks is that these are your guiding thoughts, and you are driving the bus.

Maybe edit your post to show the source.


So the quote was not created by you? lol
99% of us insist on a 1:1 airdrop and you barely pay attention to the crowd, making it a dictatorship project of yours.


any update on all this?