Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders


Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders is the most fair way for this project to go forward.


This is the only way to go forward as far as I see it.


Best way to move forward is a true fork doubling the assets 1:1


If XCPC is a community driven project as XCP is, the token creation should be decided by vote. True fork is the way to go. 1:1


Why do XCP holders deserve to get XCPC?


2.6 million are too few and need 1000 times more.
1 XCP == 1000 XCPC


1:1 too less 1:10000 could be better!


Airdrop XCP to XCPC will mean pumpers coming, just pure bad blood pump and dump speculative. XCPC should start fresh, it doesn’t owe anything to XCP holders.


Well, when BTC was burned initially Counterparty was nothing. The project worked because everyone holding XCP had incentive to see it succeed.

Now after four years of coding, community building and brand recognition, it’s obvious that XCP holders deserve to get a stake in Counterparty Cash - it is what they created after all. If the fork guys are smart, they give XCP holder equal stake in XCPC. Everyone’s happy.

A rhetorical question guys, why do you think Bitcoin Cash became a success?


100% absolutely this. It must be a true for of all XCP and all XCP assets, from the time of the fork.


We all know that XCP holders are the most dedicated,
I don’t think that XCPC is going to succeed if they don’t fork to 1:1
XCP holders totally deserve XCPC coins, after all, you guys are using the ‘counterparty’ brand name…


If it doesn’t own anything to XCP, then don’t use the counterparty brand name after all if you believe so much in this project. That’s the fair play, or else 1:1


we’ve seen clean forks of counterparty without 1:1 xcp to new chain, doge party, monaparty, they are all failed and literally non existent. new burn will be the same.


“we’ve seen clean forks of counterparty without 1:1 xcp to new chain, doge party, monaparty, they are all failed and literally non existent. new burn will be the same.”

Exactly. If you are forking a project, you have to be fair to the people who invested their time and money in it all along, and give them their earned stake in the new chain, if you want to get their support and adoption.

BCH did this. They instantly became a top 5 crypto. Tons of bitcoin people support it. They would not support it if it was simply another altcoin.
XCPC can do this, and it will gain tremendous support from a bunch of current XCP community, who are frustrated with the high counterparty fees and yearn for counterparty to exist on a low fee, high capacity chain.
Or it can try to create a new altcoin, essentially try to steal from the work that counterparty people did, and not give them what they fairly deserve, and it will probably die.

I will give massive support to XCPC if you fork 1:1 from XCP. If others want to dump, they can sell as much as they want to me, I will buy it.
If you just create a new coin, screw over XCP and XCP asset holders, and try to steal the name counterparty, then you will just be thieves.


I don’t think this is a good idea. XCP holders can just sell their XCP for BCH and burn it.


then you dont get to use the counterparty name. your nuts


this must be done via a proper fork and airdrop 1xcpc for every 1xcp held. it is the only fair way to move forward. I honestly cant believe there is anyone who doesn’t support doing it this way. xcp holders are some best in the game. xcp is awesome, but due to btc core not being able to get their sht together, it has stalled xcp in a big way with txn fees tht have become astronomical. this would solve many of the issues xcp faces with fees/scaling. lets make xcp great again!


Yes this. And of course, a proper fork of all XCP assets as well.


I’m all for the 1:1 fork. XCP:XCPC


Completely agree with _pb … anything less would be uncivilized.