Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders


Also in agreement that it should be a 1:1 fork. It doesn’t make sense to screw existing XCP members, I think it would make a bad name for the project.


I think a 1:1 exchange makes sense. I don’t think it makes sense to keep the name though. The reality is Counterparty is viewed by many as a stale project, no matter how much any of us like it. If you want this to be successful then this is an opportunity to call it something else entirely and generate renewed interest and excitement.


1:1 fork is a must. We helped you build the community and now you want to leave us out in the cold? That’s not cool.


Fork is the most fair way to go about this. Can be 1:1, 1:100, 1:1000, 1:10000. But needs to protect members of the community, regardless of potential for speculation.


agreed with 1:1, only fair way to play it


CounterParty did something that no other token had previous done:
Transferring the energy used to create Bitcoin into the CounterParty token via burning.

I’d suggest that CounterParty.BTC token holders burn their XCP into XCPC.
And not as a once-only burn.

Have it as an always-on feature of CounterParty.Cash


Crypto changes by the hour in this market… My guess is there will be lots of new interest in the very near future… That’s the benefit of social media and a market in its infancy stage…


1:1 Fork is the only fair productive route to go… Be smart and get back in the game XCP…


The issues with btc core caused the value of xcp to suffer. xcp’s supporters have been incredibly loyal and truly believe in this mission. xcp can take the right moves now to react to the market and be as flexible as possible. I am strongly in favor of a 1:1 fork and airdrop both to allow xcp to evolve, and to maintain the community of backers and supporters who have helped you and will cotinue helping you accomplish this mission.


This really is the way to do it. It insures you keep your loyal following from xcp moving forward. People worried about a “pump” are silly. This coin isn’t known to the casual masses. This increase is due to an excitement from loyal followers who are increasing their position sizes due to a brighter future with a fork. It HAS to be an airdrop, or I, like many others, will feel robbed of the money I’ve had invested in here long term. Xcp holders are certainly the ones who SHOULD be rewarded. Will a few pumpers catch wind and try to make a quick buck? Maybe. But you’ll see that most of us that believe in the project are just going to hold strong and want xcpc


I have no XCP. Just want to voice support for 1:1 to existing XCP holders to align incentives. Will there be some kind of vote?


How would you know who existing holders are if you’re on a forked blockchain? None of the transactions should be written into the new blockchain since the fork.


You have my vote for a proper fork and airdrop 1xcpc for every 1xcp held. Love the project. been sitting on my XCP a while now. Love to see it hit its stride in the market.


well said. With such a small book I think most of us are here because we believe in the project. xcpc for HODLers will be a great way to move forward.


I vote yes to granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders. Love this coin and others built on top of it. would hate to see it abandoned for Bitcoin cash.


XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders. Only way to be fair to XCP adopters!


Definitely support the fork. It must happen.


I am a huge supporter of the fork. This is the way to go on many fronts. It has so many upsides for existing investors, the company and attracting new supporters to XCP. To sum it “FORK YA!”


I fully support and encourage a fork. This is a great community, lets build on that!


i’m for the fork. XCPC 1:1 XCP