Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders


I’m all for this idea!


It wouldn’t surprise me if the consensus for XCPC ends up being:
Doing what CounterParty should’ve done already and just make CounterParty work on top of the Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain.

If that is what’s decided then the state of XCP recorded in the Bitcoin (Core) chain will have to be snapshotted and embedded into the current Bitcoin (Cash) blockchain.

I.e. Not rolling XCP transactions back to 1st August 2017 and forking from there.

It would have to be a continuation of the current XCP state at the moment of the XCPC fork.

To those who believe that there would be a problem with folks holding both XCP and airdropped XCPC, I would say that it is expected that the majority of actual Users of the CounterParty protocol will move onto the version which allows 2cent transactions and the Bitcoin (Core) backed version of the CounterParty protocol will stagnate and fizzle.

In the end market forces will make XCP value head low and those who hold both XCP and XCPC would end up having their portfolios balanced out.

( just my current opinion )


I think we should burn. It’s time to stop associating with the cancer that is BTC or anything it has left behind. Start fresh.


You must be relatively new to Bitcoin to call Bitcoin a cancer. Bitcoin is the bedrock that Bitcoin Cash is built on, and returns Bitcoin to it’s original purpose. Starting fresh means ignoring history. Great for repeating mistakes, but not for moving forward.


Re-read^. I didn’t call Bitcoin a cancer. I called BTC a cancer. And that’s
exactly what it is. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is Bitcoin. Keep up!


fork > burn, reward the XCP holders


I am pretty sure I read this right. Maybe you can edit your comments to be clearer.
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. (full agreement) Ignoring the way we got here with Bitcoin (up to August 1st) is like ignoring the benefits that working with Counterparty since 2014 have provided.


No edit needed. On August 1st Bitcoin changed its ticker to BCH, BTC became
Bitcoin Core and dead to me. I love Bitcoin, and appreciate everything it
has ever been.


We seem to have at least 50% agreement, so let’s go with that.

So far I see very few people that prefer the burn.


Are they all holders of XCP?


So I am clear, do you want to have a vote for people who do, or do not hold XCP?

Or do people just need to qualify for having an opinion?


Im for having a vote with thread headlines of clean 1:1 fork and another for Burn everyone gets one vote just to see numbers on where people stand I’ve been lurking reading but not posting and I’m sure there are others doing the same. Ps I’m for clean fork 1:1


I’m not sure what you’re asking. I am anti-ICO and anti-BTC. I get that
there is history there, but the forkmania is getting a bad name - start
fresh. That’s my opinion. Open to changing it.


I own thousands of CP Assets. I currently hold very little XCP. So, you can see where my primary concern is fixated. I would like to avoid the monotony and waste of money I went through cloning assets on Dogeparty only to see it slowly die. However, I am obviously biased. I can say that I do not intend to hold assets hostage on either chain, but I may be in the minority. I’m for anything that raises recognition, development, and spreads interest/use.

CPCash could clone CP as it is now and move forward. That would be an obvious benefit to people like me. So what, besides cheaper faster transactions, would be accomplished? Eventually the two will diverge anyway.
CPCash could reboot CP from square one and start over. However, it would likely lose support or be actively opposed and subverted by CP asset/XCP holders. I believe the right thing to do is a 1:1 clone, but I am a small minority who may appear to “unfairly” benefit from the view of new adopters.

Does anyone have a 3rd way?


I completely agree, one of the reasons that Bitcoin Cash is so successful is because of the 1:1 allocation of coins and Counterparty Cash needs to take the same path. WHEN it does all Counterparty fans and coin owners alike will support what would be a great addition to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Counterparty Cash is not an attack on anyone but as I wrote above a great addition to Bitcoin Cash’s ecosystem and its future success.

Sirch :smile:


Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders will only bring more attention to XCP and the value it holds
Will it create more traders. Yes but the benefits far outweigh the negatives


Frankly the beauty of the open-source model is that if the project leader of counterparty cash here chooses to ignore the overwhelming majority of community support which currently indicates a preferance for a snapshot of XCP in favor of steaming ahead with his preference of giving to BTC cash holders then the community left without their preferences respected has every ability to band together to launch an alternative which does involve snapshotting XCP. I for one, would offer some level of resources to make this happen if it’s clear the project is going in the direction of only benefitting holders of cash (for which anyone who had invested in btc or eth, or is continued to hold, had already missed out on)


Those who favour air drop can basically get XCPC if the sell XCP to purchase XCPC. This way those who are oppose to the BCH chain can remain on BTC and continue development on that chain. Only the ones interested will make the effort to move. I see this as the only logical and least complicated move.


The only truly fair way to do this would be to make the snapshot happen at the forking block of bitcoin cash. If it is done now there is a chance that people try and pump or crash the price of XCP to profit on the airdrop.


That is an interesting idea. I like it.

I also think that a snapshot should be taken from the bitcoin cash forking block, that way it is fair for everyone that bought and sold their counterparty since the fork.

  1. Bought some counterparty because you expected it to fork to bitcoin cash you can burn it and get some counterparty cash.

  2. Sold because you didn’t think counterparty can work on an expensive slow bitcoin, well if you stuck with it until the bitcoin cash fork you get the same number of counterparty as you originally had.

What do you think of that kind of set up?