Granting XCPC 1:1 to existing XCP holders


From how I see it if projects would like to continue on the BCH chain, then burning and making a new investment is sound.

Current XCP holders can decide if they want involved on the new chain or not. In essence it makes people make a choice in where they see a brighter future.

This seems to me, to be more viable on the BCH chain.


Why Bitcoin Cash became successful isn’t the same question that’s being discussed here. However for the fun of it, why didn’t Bitcoin Gold become successful?

The focus is on what is the best start for those who want to start their new projects on, and possibly migrate their projects to.

If projects intend to move I suppose they would be willing to move and make the vote with money. If they would prefer to stay, then so be it, no need to burn BCH as they clearly think the BTC situation is sound.

Having said all of that, I’m still learning.


Surly if you love the project you would want to buy into the new burn and help build the community from the ground up?

XCP has been built/building, so why not do the same once again? If you believe in the project you would once again put skin in the game, it isn’t meant to be a dividend.

There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. One must build and create.


Vincent I appreciate the response. I would love to see the problems of high fees and scalability solved in a way that best benefits current supporters and those using counterparty for their tokenized digital assets. From what i’m following in an unfortunate turn of events and some ugly exchanges between the (past) developers and other community members has left counterparty without a current development team? While I support the vision of counterparty, I will make the decision to put more skin in the game or not based on the team put in place to execute that vision. At this point i’m holding my current position. As I’m sure you can understand this is an investment and I do have to keep my own financial interest in mind as I see what team develops.


I want to weight my voice here

I do hold XCP from a personal and a company level. I believe in both case the amount is not significant enough to alter my objective judgment.

One of my moto is “alone you get faster together you get further”.
I believe splitting a community is the worse case scenario for both parties, it’s a lose-lose situation.
It happened in bitcoin with bitcoin cash because of two different vision. Of course divergence is inevitable and sometimes decision needs to be made in order to progress further. I’m sure bitcoin scaling would have been far more advanced if resources were invested in fighting.

In case of counterparty the situation is simpler and the community is much smaller. Having a huge division in such as small community will lead to self destruction. Fortunately the “problem” that counterparty need to deal

I believe all effort needs to be made in order to create the highest win-win situation (over personal preferences).
CPcash want’s to address an important issue that is impacting us all. In order to keep the community together it’s important to aknowledge accomodate the work and the ideas of the others.
Some people might think CPcash is a good solution some other not. But in the end if everyone is respectful of others progress and work whether they are wrong or not. It’s important that we try to have helful attitude and not a destroying attitude (that will result in a lose-lose)

I think thus the right move for XCPC as it’s forking to give a 1:1 to XCP holders. This will result in a much more cooperative attitude from XCP community. They might happily share their time and ressources to the new XCPC. Moreover XCPC is borrowing a lot from the XCP community so it’s not unfair.
XCP maximalist should let XCPC do their work that will in the end be beneficial for all.

From my experience rewarding a community whether is airdrop or in anyway is the best way to grow the community and to receive a lot of positive attitude, and XCPC needs a lot of that because the community is already too small.


Your logic is in line with mine.


Please can anybody explain to me what is happening regarding hardfork?
XCPC will be given to BHC holder 1:1 base ? or will it be given XCP holder 1:1 ?
There seems to be lots of discussion going on and now bit difficult to reach original source of information for me.

Many thanks!


It seems obvious to me that the month of January has been set aside as the time to discuss all the options.

Julian made a comment in another thread that there would be more announcements made shortly.


I agree that it should be 1:1 XCP for XCPC, this is fair, simple and will bring an active community to a new project


This is one of the answer I feel very well to see this answer … I trust the XCP holders will recieve XCPC the fork Date. So just HODL … And be happy friend !

"After seeking legal advice and at the suggestion of contributor(s) we will make a statement later this week.

Moving forward the project will provide for a lead in the form of an incorporated Association to assume full legal liability for the project roadmap and implementation.

It is not tenable to have individual contributors targeted in the manner outlined in the OP.

Thank you,

Julian Smith,
Founder, CEO
Blockfreight, Inc."


Would there be a formal announce about the decision how XCPC is granted to whom?

There is no update on official web of, (supposed to be updated on 31.Jan), and wondering if there is any news will come out…?


did not the counterparty wallets have bugs copied over from the previous coin that never got fixed/?


There won’t be any announcement.
There is a new membership fee I heard