How to buy XCPC after launch


And what will be the expected initial price?


If there’s a burning process, the price would be determined by the burning amount of BCH.


Been quite quiet since the threat of litigation. However my guess is that since this is a blockfreight project, they don’t owe anything to XCP. The code is open source so my prediction is that there will be a burn. They need this to get their project going. They really don’t need the community. Like most projects theirs were halted because of the fees and they have been working on it for 3 years. BCH with unlimited blocksize can guarantee that they don’t face this same problem again especially when their product is launched and live.


I second this.

XCPC owns nothing to XCP holders. They’re just totally different project.


Are you kidding me ???


Who’s gonna contribute to a burn? Other counterparty rip offs that did a burn did not raise enough.

Xcp fork is the logical and best approach for market excitement and acceptance


They might not need the XCP community, therefore they used the community, the news spread, even the name for publicity. Such a shame…


I’ll take Bitcoin Cash for XCPC


What does that mean? If you are advocating for a burn, how are you going to take the Bitcoin Cash?


I think a burn is the way to go. Xcp bag holders shouldn’t have a say in this project.