Important community point


The logic behind a burn isn’t totally unreasonable. It creates a floor price instead of putting faith in the ones who get the airdrop to create a healthy market themselves. Yes, the crypto space is full of children chasing lambos and maybe they’d want to buy xcp to get free xcpc and drive up the price a little. What the devs are failing to realize is that’s NOT this community. This is a project the average lambo chaser has never heard of. It makes no headlines. It hasn’t made 10000% gains in the past year like a lot of projects. This community is full of extremely loyal investors who have maintained faith in this project despite hundreds of other projects outperforming it in the markets for a LONG time. Forget the morality argument, why wouldn’t you trust people who have been around here since the original burn? You have a loyal community with big money invested that has stayed strong with you guys forever. A burn not only is morally wrong and leaves all of us in the dark, but it’s a stupid business decision. Why would any of us support XCPC after a burn? You say you want community feedback, and you’ve gotten a ton of it. An airdrop is the only reasonable solution. Will it attract a few lambo chasers and see some short term pump? maybe. But it’s gonna be a huge majority of loyal patrons holding the coins for the fork and everything will go well. The publicity from the airdrop will undoubtedly cause people to look into how awesome this project is and be good for BOTH XCP and XCPC. This forum isn’t full of verge investors and twitter morons. Turning your back on such a loyal community after all we’ve sat through with you guys would genuinely be absurd. You want us on your side. With us, both projects will succeed. If you burn and go against us, XCPC will fail miserably and I, along with a few other big players I’ve talked to, will not have any part in a burn. The community has spoken, the right decision is clear, it’s in your court to follow through with an airdrop and do what’s best for your projects success.


Thank you for your perspective. side question: Who is Phomie?


I am, Phomieisgay is just a low life troll (we know each other in real life)


And I’ll agree
The community has spoken
Airdrop seems to be the most logical, beneficial move to make
I myself being a long time holder, as well as a few larger position guys I know, we would all be disappointed in a burn
So I think its safe to assume that anyone who is invested in this project, small or large position, long or short time holders, would be disappointed as well in a burn
Communities move coins, a disappointed community can ruin coins