It's necessary to guarantee the 1:1 ratio between Bitcoin (cash) and XCPC


I read this

I agree with the author that the most important reason is that there should have been permanent, fixed exchangeability between BTC and XCP,

I think it’s better to not “burn”. Instead, we should set a foundation to hold the “burned” fund and guarantee the 1:1 ratio between Bitcoin and XCPC, before better way is found. Just like USDT. Here 1 BCH= 1BCHT=1XCPC

The multiple people who co-hold the fund must be reliable. I propose Gavin Andresen, Mike Hearn, Amaury Séchet and Jon Matonis as 4 supervisors.


What about XCP holders?


While have a 1-to-1 backing would be a nice feature, I strongly disagree with any central authority holding large amounts of BCH in reserve. There are too many risks.

Now if a 3rd party company wants to come along and launch a token that is redeemable 1-to-1 with BCH (or US Dollar for that matter) - then that company can take on the risk and the potential rewards of doing so.


Non-argument here. Those going for a pump and dump might be better off grabbing some Tether or Ripple. Fixing the market is just dumb.