Rebrand Name Ideas


I propose we use this thread to post ideas for a new name / rebrand of counterparty cash.

My suggestion is:


(an amalgamation of ‘mint’ and ‘financial instruments’)


Even though I agree a new name would be better, I suspect that ship has sailed. :passenger_ship:

In a way, the Counterparty Cash name lends it the legitimacy of appearing a version of the original failed BTC project. And I am not sure that renaming to some pretty much meaningless alternative, is not counterproductive.



boo it’s making me say at least 20 characters

that’s all i had to say but i packed so much meaning into those less than 20 characters



The name makes perfect sense as it is. Counterparty is the name of the protocol.



A play on bcash, but also about being some kind of Superorganism.


I agree on a rebrand as its the tech we want to use not the name , as for a name i need to think on that one