We'll build our own wall. And it'll be great


What started as a means to establish a community dialog on the future direction of this project; starting with the fundamental question of distribution clearly seems to be presenting itself as a clear split between the visions of the project lead, and the visions of the majority currently interested in supporting it in regards to awarding only holders of Bitcoin cash who already were awarded once, in some perspective. Early days but it looks like the team lead has severed all ties to XCP for some personal reasons and has an unwavering decision that doesn’t involve XCP in any way shape or form other than utilising the codebase and recognition of brand for the advancement of this project. Seems he doesn’t care much for the naysayers. Things could change and he could be open.

But if it doesn’t that is fine, whether you agree, or even respect that it is his right and freedom to choose any decision he feels most is beneficial.

remember- We also have the same right and freedoms. Individually a project is nothing, together it is strong

I propose a simple solution, IF it is clear this project is choosing to elect a distribution of Bitcoin cash and not considering awarding XCPC to XCP holders (or even not allowing users to ‘burn’ XCP) as a means of proving their dedication to the new project then it is simple:

we as a community simply utilise the freedom which is afforded to us in an open-source community to make our own version of counterparty cash which DOES involve existing XCP participants in some way

the chance of a new lease of life to the project the community has been supporting diligently in some capacity for the last 4 years, and we can make it happen together.

It is an absolutely entirely possible and workable solution. Community is everything. People power. Projects have been rebooted before with better technical prospects and new focus on a strong community to resounding success

Everyone can have a part to play in making the project a success-

whether you’re a graphic designer, a coder with intimate knowledge of the underlying project, you’re interested in registering or purchasing assets, you can contribute to group chats, bug reports, you want to build something on top of counterparty that is less limited in terms of transaction costs and speeds, or you simply beleive that this project has the potential to offer something amazing and has been for a long time under-appreciated and can offer your support in terms of words, discussion and sharing the merits to those who are unaware bitcoin can offer such capabilities.

It is not an insurmountable goal by any stretch and only takes a little from individual people working together to make this work

Please if you are interested or have something to contribute, voice your support


Agree 100%. All this does is delay a bit what we all want which is a fork. This is what community is all about and why cryptos are the way of the future. We all have a say.