Xcp holder's thought on xcpc


Since the born, I hold xcp. There will be a xcp fork here, and many discussions now though there is no white paper. I’m considering: How to launch xcpc? Get xcpc through bitcoin cash burning, or just an ICO? How many xcpc will one obtain for 1 bitcoin cash burning or ICO? Will some airdrop for xcp holders? How much? I saw so many 1:1 discussions. That’s nothing, as you don’t know the answer to the above questions. If there will be airdrop, when is the snapshot? August 1st? No, that’s not a time after xcpc detail announcement. How will the exchange deal with the airdrop?

I think right now it’s just a pre-discussion period. Hope there will be more time for discussions after the xcpc draft details.


From http://counterparty.cash/

  • XCPC will launch March 1st, 2018.
  • It is proposed there will be a “burning”
  • In January 2014, over 2,100 bitcoins were burned, creating about 2.6 million XCP.
  • January 2018, XCPC is a community consultation period.
  • Launch details will be published here before Feb 4th, 2018.


It is proposed there will be a “burning”, no discussion of 1:1 airdrop… I see…

Coin Burn: Discouraging for all XCP holders (long term and short term)